Florida’s AD Jeremy Foley recently retired. He retired after being at Florida for 40 years, the last 25 of which he’s been the AD. I think it’s going to be hard to find an AD with a successful hiring spree and overall success of him.

Real quick run down on the hires he’s made or been involved in making:

Football – Spurrier, Meyer, McElwain and I’m giving the thumbs up to McElwain. I know he’s been there two years and has two east titles in traditionally the toughest conference. Spurrier and Meyer are certainly two of the top 10 coaches of all time, right? I think that’s fair. 

Basketball – Lon Kruger who’s been national coach of the year at multiple programs, Billy Donovan there’s nothing much to say there, and Mike White, well, I don’t think anybody knew much about Mike White. Mike White seems to be a really good hire pushing his team this year into the Elite Eight which is certainly much better than I gave him credit for. 

The other thing Foley has done is pulled the plug on bad hires fast so when he made mistakes with Muschamp and Zook he didn’t waste any time and got rid of them quickly.

Florida has 36 national titles and Foley has been the AD for 27 of those including winning one in a different sport in the last 7 years. 

Anyways, I think AD’s get hammered a lot. I’m not particularly a Florida fan. I’m not even a Florida fan but I think you gotta give this guy a lot of credit. I looked that up this weekend and thought God, Mike White is good coach and it’s look like he has another Billy Donovan on his hands again. There’s a guy with a PLAN.