They’ve hired a search firm, so that indicates they’re not as “done” as some thought.

Dan Dakich, quoted in an interview today:

Where do you think Indiana is right now in its process?

“I initially thought Indiana had their guy. You don’t fire a guy without having your guy. This isn’t a little hire. I’m thinking an AD has their guy. I’m not sure they have their guy.

“They’re doing a search firm. They’re doing background. I’m not sure they have their guy. I thought it was Steve. I thought it was a done deal. I’m not sure anymore.

“All of a sudden, search firm. That doesn’t mean they’re taking over the search, but I didn’t think you needed any of that. If you hire Steve, you have to figure out the whole Pierre Pierce. I told Paul Krebs at New Mexico that. You’ve got to figure that out. I’m sure there are things on other guys. I personally thought this was one of those deals where you have your guy in place.”

From my perspective, Alford would be the “best” hire for MSU among the names thrown around. Gregg Marshall the worst. Everyone else is somewhere between those two poles.