I watched OK State vs ISU the other day before they lost to M in a shootout. I thought OK State looked good, not great. Their PG is pretty good and matched up well vs ISU’s Monte Morris.

How interesting is their style?

First-year Georgia Tech coach Josh Pastner adopted Underwood’s offense at Ga Tech, he said, because Pastner’s Memphis team had so much trouble with it when they faced Stephen F Austin last year when Underwood was head coach at Stephen F. Austin.

That’s about as good a compliment as you will find.

So I watched OK State, curious about the offense. It looked like a lot of high post feeds and then cutters off of the high post, frequently with handoffs from the high post man. Frequently with fake handoffs from the post man as players runs in different directions toward the high post player with the ball.

That’s not what they do every time. But they do a lot of that.

And if I’m watching it right, that stuff is nothing new. It’s actually ancient. I think it’s remnants of the old Adolph Rupp scissors play, 1948.

But it’s unique, which is good in this day and age of increasingly homogenized basketball.