Now we enter one of the truly fascinating periods in the college game…an IU coaching search. There are Alford rumors but it could go a ton of ways. Marshall? The guy from Butler? Archie? This is an elite job.

And also interesting to see what happens with Crean. Mizzou is off the table. Looks like NC State may have their man in Will Wade.

Cal? I can see that working. Clean rep, decent recruiter, would make some sense for both parties I think. The Cal job is always talked about as a sleeping giant for all the obvious reasons: great recruiting base, excellent academics, the weather, the variety of things available to you in the Bay Area. The biggest downside is two fold: a dysfunctional AD and that you’d really have to accomplish a lot in that job to get Cal students and alums to care about anything but football. I’ve long been of the opinion that the West Coast simply does not lock into collegiate sports the way the Midwest and South do. These major cities are primarily pro sports markets.