Indiana makes history


I have not a bit of hate in my heart for Tom Crean but that is an indictment. Yes, there were injuries and yes they were significant but this team had plenty of talent, more than enough to make the Tournament in a year such as this.

When you’ve got wins like that, it tells you what the potential is and when you still fail to make the Tournament, to me it says something is off. Something in the culture of the program, something in the way you’re teaching or approaching the game…something.

I would think that is the final straw. Will be interesting to see if it is.

Maybe a change of scenery would be good for both parties. Some smoke around the Missouri job. That might be a good spot for him, or maybe a place like Georgia. I think NC State would be too much like what he’s already been through, without the same level of program/institutional strength. Might be time for him to make a Pastner-esque move and get out ahead of the posse. Worked for ol’ Josh this year, it seems.