Seemed more or less inevitable. They have been off the charts bad for his 3 year run and that’s a school with a good level of tradition in the sport. 

Hard to think of a program that went from very relevant to the abyss quicker than them, maybe UNLV comes to mind post Tark. Of course we all know Norm & Quinn Snyder certainly did not play by the rules and that helped get a lot of talent to Columbia.

But combine when they left the Big 8/12 for the SEC along with horrible coaching moves (Haith and Anderson have to be 2 of the 10 worst high major coaches in the past 20 years) and you get this.

The overall environment at Mizzou is worth considering in terms of who may or may not be interested. Cuonzo Martin makes all kinds of sense on paper and word out here is he’s looking to bolt Cal (but then he seems to be looking to leave everywhere he’s been in short order…kind of a C plus Larry Brown). WIll Illinois make a move quickly to get in on him as well? Would be fascinating and add another layer to their border rivalry with Mizzou if they were playing tug o’ war over the same coaching candidate.

Dan Muller (Illinois State) is another obvious name to watch for in terms of both those jobs, should Illinois also become available. He’s improved that ISU program every year over his five year run and tied with Wichita State for the regular season title in the MVC this season. Crean is getting mention if IU fires him. A guy I might watch as a stealthy name is Buzz Williams. He took the VaTech job based on unhappiness at Marquette, not because he thought it was a big step up (in fact, I’d argue that might be a step down, even though they’re in the ACC). I just can’t see him staying at VaTech long term. If he were looking to move, Mizzou might be a good fit. They’re comfortable historically with coaches living on the edge in terms of legality, so that works for him, the school cares about the sport, and they’re in an SEC where the competition is mighty, mighty weak.