That seat is piping hot. Injuries they’ve had would explain why they’re not contending for Big Ten championship. They don’t explain 5-10, given what he’s still had to work with. I personally think it’s a bit over 50% likely he’s done. Just seems as if the air in the program is all used up.

Too much negativity around the program. You could literally see Blackmon pretty much quit last night. Combine record with kids tuning him out and the recruiting issues that have been documented = time for a change. Sometimes change is needed to just eliminate negativity and apathy. I know it is very negative down there and I am starting to sense apathy with players too. There are expectations that the remaining home game against NU will have more empty seats than Bloomington has seen in a long time. 

We’re starting to get into this kind of territory as well…is IU becoming a coach’s graveyard? I’m not saying I believe that but I have to think coaches will be thinking about all that comes with that job before taking it.