There were rumors today *before* his team lost by 24 at home to UNC that Mark Gottfried is on his way out at NC State. I think his time has probably run out as a high major coach. Guy was able to recruit really well at both Raleigh and before that at Alabama, but translating that into consistently winning teams has proven to be way too much.

There seems to be momentum toward Groce losing his job at Illinois.

Crean may be done at IU as well.

Mike Anderson got a big win tonight with Arkansas over South Carolina but I’ve read rumblings that if they don’t make the Tournament (an iffy proposition at the moment), he might be gone.

Maybe Bruce Weber at KSU if they don’t make the field?

JTIII at Georgetown? That program’s been in a downward spiral for a few years now, but you wonder if the Thompson family has a death grip on that job.

Lorenzo Romar at Washington certainly would deserve a firing, but with yet another elite recruit (Michael Porter) lined up to play there next season, would UW have the balls to can him?

Kim Anderson at Missouri has finally won a couple of games in the league but he’s had a miserable run in Columbia and given that the school actually cares about basketball (as opposed to many of their SEC mouthbreather brethren), I have to think his time is growing short.

Some interesting jobs in that list. If it opens, the only one which is truly elite is IU but I think the right guy could win at pretty much any of those places (KSU isn’t easy but multiple guys have had some success there over the past 30 years).