Hell of a win for Northwestern last night. To do that at Kohl without their top scorer…boy, that is a hell of a statement as to where that program has gotten to.

Even with Scottie Lindsey’s return up in the air in terms of an exact date, I think NU is in great shape now. They have their marquee win. They’re 8-4 in the league with 4 home games left and road games at Illinois and Indiana. Maryland, Purdue, Michigan and Rutgers are the home games…three of those aren’t gimmies, but I think it’s reasonable to think there’s at least 3 wins left in those 6 remaining games, with or without Lindsey. That would get them to 11-7 and I see no way they aren’t in the NCAA Tournament for the very first time.

On the other side…I’ve said it before, Wisconsin is the best team in this league but they’re not a *great* team. On any given day, anything can happen this year in this conference, and this is just one more bit of evidence.