Getting it done barely in triple OT versus Penn State, without Blackmon. IU is not great without him (and of course OG as well, but that’s baked in now) but it’s like MSU without Bridges…style points don’t matter. It’s Al Davis.

That gets them to 5-5 but man, the schedule is not kind. At Wisconsin and a home and home with Purdue could easily get them to 8 losses. They also go to Minnesota, Iowa and OSU. Home games against Purdue (as mentioned), Michigan and Northwestern.

I’m assuming Blackmon is back for this weekend’s game at Madison. They need him and even that might not be enough. They will be such an interesting case if they end up say 9-9 and split two BTT games. How much would the wins over KU and UNC factor in? How does the committee account for their injuries?

Regardless, they had to have this one tonight. Lose this and I think the odds start to tilt against them. As for PSU…live with the freshman and die with the freshman. All three of their key first year guys put up numbers and made huge plays, but all made big mistakes, particularly Tony Carr. He’s a gifted kid but his decision making is very, very, very much a work in progress. If you’re a PSU fan, you have to love the potential he shows regularly but he’ll also drive you crazy with the mistakes…makes Cash’s occasional issues pale in comparison in terms of decisions.