And IU is 4-5. 

I don’t know if there’s a magic number for NU to hit but it seems to me that they’re definitely on track for that first NCAA bid. Good for them. I find them to be an entertaining team to watch.

Welsh Ryan isn’t getting overrun with opposition fans this season either. That was a nice environment this evening. Live building. That *should* be a really good home court environment but never has been because, you know…they’ve been bad and nobody’s cared.

Different deal now.

Interestingly, Indiana native and NU point guard Bryant McIntosh touched on a point I made here a couple of weeks ago. Said “they (IU) recruit more nationally than they do in state.” Now I don’t know this for certain but I suspect McIntosh probably grew up dreaming of playing for IU and might have been a guy willing to back up Yogi Ferrell for a couple of years…but they never came close to offering him. There are things (like wins and losses) which matter more but it won’t surprise me that whenever the Crean era ends, the tipping point is a scarcity of Indiana kids on that roster. It’s different there.