Brian Snow, Scout’s Midwest guy was cautioning the M fans that if they got their wish and saw Beilein canned (very unlikely IMO), they might be negatively surprised by who would be available to M as a head coach. He went through the usual names and the first guy he got to who he thought would be even 50/50 for that job is Holtmann, the guy at Butler. Less than that on Chris Mack, Archie Miller, etc.

That’s the semi interesting part. The more interesting part is that in his view (and supposedly based on his interactions with college coaches, which one can take with whatever sized grain of salt they wish), the top 3 Big Ten jobs in the abstract (meaning based on facilities, AD money, “pressure,” recruiting turf) are:




He has MSU in the second tier with Michigan and Wisconsin and I think Illinois. I think he’s over-estimating Wisconsin. Gard may be the right guy to keep things on track there but objectively, that job is not on the level of MSU and Michigan’s IMO.

I understand his premise. IU is unquestionably the best job in the conference IMO, with the only negative factor being the intense pressure that goes with it (but some coaches will revel in that…others, like a Thad Matta, wouldn’t). Maryland probably shocks some people but it really shouldn’t. That’s a school with really strong tradition, facilities, institutional commitment to the sport and perhaps most importantly, they’re the only state school in a talent rich recruiting area. OSU 3rd is the more debatable one. His argument is that being the only Power 5 school in the state gives it the edge over MSU and M, which have to share our state. OK, that’s a defensible argument…but my response would be that isn’t as big a separator as it might appear, given that historically Ohio kids have (at least in my perception) been far more willing to head out of state than elite Michigan players, enough so that I think it comes pretty close to evening things out. I mean, MSU has made a living over the Izzo era with Ohio kids…Michigan has done well with them too, as has IU, etc. I also think the OSU “brand” doesn’t extend to basketball the way he seems to think it does…20 years of Izzo has given MSU branding that wouldn’t disappear overnight.

One other point he made, which is 100% OTM IMO, is that the constant M slappy drumbeat about the “Jordan brand” impact on what their basketball program will do, what kind of coach they’d get, etc. is fantasy. As he put it, Georgetown has been Jordan brand for awhile now…how’s that working out for them? It’s not the kind of thing which has any real impact with recruits. Nike or Adidas (or sometimes Under Armour) generally? Yes, sometimes that’s a factor and sometimes not…but “Jumpman?” It’s fantalk nonsense in his view and I concur completely, starting with the idea that Nike isn’t about to piss off all the Nike schools they have under contract.

Anyway, an interesting subject IMO and one without any definitive answers.