For most of his time in Columbus, he’s had good to great point guard play. Jamar Butler, Mike Conley, Evan Turner (essentially), Aaron Craft and Shannon Scott. When he hasn’t had that kind of guy, his teams have really struggled and that’s the situation he’s been in for the last two years.

I can’t understand what he’s doing. JaQuan Lyle has some game but he proved beyond any doubt last year that he will sink you if he’s your primary point guard and yet all Thad could muster was a JUCO kid who’s clearly not good enough to play more than a bit part role. He’s wasting some pretty decent pieces. They lack shooting but they do have a couple of guys (Loving and Williams) who can stick a jumper, they’ve got all kinds of size and athleticism and they can defend at a high level. It’s a group which should by all rights be a Tournament group but they may not be because they just can’t get enough coherent offense.

I just don’t get it. I have a certain amount of respect for Matta but that aspect of his recruiting is baffling to me. He certainly knows how important that spot is.