Shaka decided to take over the offense with no help from one of his 3 assistants. He has a GA and one of his special assistants running the offense with him. 

Texas fans really don’t pay attention to basketball, but they are starting to realize that this guy has some major flaws as a coach. 

It’s hard to win at the Power 5 level. Gimmicks don’t usually get the job done. Just think if you were going to go full Havoc in that conference…you think that’ll work versus guards like the guys KU has, Monte Morris, the Baylor boys, etc? The only guy in major college basketball having any real sustained success with constant pressure is Bob Huggins and even that…over his four years in the Big XII, he’s got two NCAA appearances and a Sweet Sixteen to show for it. Probably not a recipe for big time success. I just think it’s WAY too hard to win the way you have to at the big boy level playing that way, because you’re going to run into too many guards who will handle that stuff and punish you for it.

Bob Knight always said that you can beat a bad team with a press but not a good one. That’s probably a bit simplistic but generally, good teams with prep time will figure out how to beat a press. Not to say you can’t steal a possession every now and then via a press. 

There have been examples of teams which have gotten it done at a high level playing that way but they’re few and far between and you have to go back 20 years to find them. Even guys who had success with it at one point in their careers (Pitino and Donovan are two examples) ended up backing away completely from constant pressure.

To me, playing that way is less about what you can do to the opponent and more about the vulnerabilities you create on your own side. When Havoc faced good guard play (think about Michigan in the Tournament a few years back as one example), it just became way too easy for their opponents to score.

Texas is all in on Matt Coleman. If they don’t get him, they are going to have a real void at the PG spot.

It’s amazing the difference between someone like Tom Izzo who is one of the greatest basketball tacticians of all time, and Shaka who made his name on 6 games in the NCAA tourney based on a team that got as hot as any team ever in the tournament. I am not saying that he might not figure it out in time, but he has some flaws that he needs to get corrected, or he might be going the way of Charlie Strong.