– Obviously, just cannot have the kind of FT performance we saw tonight. Great FT shooters like Harris struggling.

– Freshmen were stepping up BIG late in the game. Cash made several big plays, Josh with a huge rebound and two FT when needed most, and Miles contributing mightily as well. Loved that call coming out of the timeout late which led to Cash finding Miles in the post for an easy make…vintage Izzo there.

– FT aside, what a performance from Eron Harris. This is what they need from him…not 31 points obviously but that kind of mentality, attacking and unhesitating.

– First time I think rebounding and post defense posed a problem. I think MSU really struggled on the pick and roll tonight and obviously defensive rebounding was a mess…giving up 14 offensive boards. It was shaky at halftime and collapsed in the second half. Team-wide deal as well, with guys not being in good position some of the time and just getting outfought at others.

– Obviously Harris had a ton to do with it but another strong performance from 3 for MSU. Of course, you can’t discount Harris either since he was always going to be a major part of what this team could do shooting the ball. Especially on what were likely some tired legs, that was big time.

– Quietly, MSU was decent overall in the TO department and massively improved in the second half…only 3 TOs in the second twenty minutes. Good play at the point from both Tum and Cash…combined 12 assists to just 4 TOs. You’ll take a 3:1 ratio anytime.

– I’m not going to make too much of FGCU but simply tell the truth…that is expected to be an NCAA Tournament team and it’s an experienced group. Yes, MSU at home absolutely should win this game but it’s not shocking they were able to stay in it. GIve them a ton of credit for playing this well in the second game of a 48 hour road turnaround where they had to travel from Waco to EL. Very impressed with that team.