Certainly far from a *bad* loss for the Boilers but disappointing to have a shot against a top 5 team and defending national champ at home and come away on the losing end.

To me, it’s same as it ever was for Purdue. Interior guys were great…Isaac Haas is generally seen as a borderline draft pick according to the draft sites but to me, he’s absolutely 100% an NBA player, probably after this year if he chooses to go. He’s not perfect but my God, you cannot teach that size, as the cliche goes. Down the stretch, he took over the game for Purdue inside…helps that Nova isn’t any bigger than MSU but still, this is a guy some NBA team will take a chance on as a backup.

I think Biggie looks better. Body looks better and for the most part, he played within himself. However, that last possession…guess who’s launching the 3 with a chance to tie? That’s right…the wrong guy…again. I know he hit his first 2 deep attempts but that’s not the guy who should be taking that shot, period.

Thing is, for as good as the Boiler frontcourt is, their ceiling is determined by their guards and in one viewing, against an admittedly high level opponent, I didn’t see anything different from last year’s group. Their 4 guards were a combined 6-21 from the floor, 5-14 from deep (and that’s counting the halfcourt heave Thompson hit at the half). Only 19 points total from that group as well. I just can’t see Purdue breaking through and winning a conference title or getting out of the first weekend in March unless that guard play steps up, and at least on this evidence, there’s reason for skepticism.