Beat the Knicks by 13, though it got semi-tight in the 4th at one stage. Three straight wins, and three straight by double digits. Defense tightened up in the last portion of the game and they ended up with their third straight opponent held under 90, and the Knicks (whatever their issues are) can absolutely score with their current roster of mostly veterans (Melo, Derrick Rose, Portzingas, Brandon Jennings, etc.)

I am really, really liking the Morris/Harris combo at forward. Liked it last year from the point they got Tobias from Orlando but it seems to me that both of those guys have gotten better from a year ago, Harris maybe more notably than Morris. Honestly, right now I don’t know how you guard Tobias. He’s shooting the jumper really well and he’s become so good at getting to the rim and clearing space for himself to finish…dare I say a little bit like Melo, but with less volume shooting.

KCP with a second straight strong offensive game to go with his usual defense (and he was big defensively in the 4th to put it away).

The other thing is, you’re getting this wins put in the bank while Reggie Jackson is out. That’s VERY large and honestly, they look more than capable of hanging in there with Ish and Beno at the point for now. If this keeps up, no need to push it or rush back…make sure that knee is as close to “right” as possible.

One negative…Stanley Johnson looks like a shadow of who he was last season. No energy and that defined his game a year ago. He got hurt late in the preseason and I’m wondering if there’s still something going on, because he had a great summer. They’re fine with him giving very little right now but for this team to meet expectations, he’s got to be much better than he’s been through the first four games.

Just a fun team to watch right now.