​First real test today against Australia, who might be the second best team in the world right now. US wins by 10 and were carried by Melo (who has always been a better international player than in the NBA) and Kyrie down the stretch.

US is just way too 3 happy for my tastes. Yeah, that has to be a big part of what you do but there is a LOT of settling going on with this group so far (not just today but in the two blowouts as well).

There are times, such as during a stretch in the 2nd quarter when Day Day was on the floor, when this US team is absolutely stifling on defense. When they check like that, with the way they can switch 1 through 5 with any group not including Cousins, they’re tough to even get a clean look against, never mind actually score. Credit Australia for running some really, really nice stuff, particularly on their backcuts.

One thing I’m not wild about with K so far, he’s far too willing to stick with guys who are clearly struggling. That’s one thing when it’s your “normal” team and you count on guys and have to have faith that they’ll find it eventually but here, c’mon…Klay Thompson has been miserable so far on offense and wasn’t even very good defensively today. Why not get Jimmy Butler more time, who at least was playing with toughness and energy? Klay shouldn’t have been on the floor in that closing group.

They can still get tested…France hasn’t been great but they’ve got NBA talent too and on the right night, could maybe make it interesting for awhile, but I think we may well see Australia again in the Gold Medal contest.