Had a conversation today which sparked this thought…omitting the first couple of classes Izzo recruited, when Michigan was still spreading $ around and Fisher was still there, how many players who had Michigan State offers ended up at Michigan?

I’m pretty certain Brian Ellerbe was an 0-fer. Lavell Blanchard and Gavin Groninger (believe it or not) had MSU offers at one stage but both lost out to Jason Richardson, after which MSU ceased to recruit either player. IIRC, Blanchard’s father tried a late Hail Mary in the spring of that year to see if MSU could find a scholarship for his son.

John Beilein is definitely an 0-fer. There’s not a single kid he’s landed who had an MSU offer.

The lone guy to do it over the past 18 years or so is Tommy Amaker. I think he did it three times…Les Abram, Dion Harris and DeShawn Sims. You can find single seasons/classes where MSU had more guys than that commit to them who had Michigan offers (I believe the entirety of MSU’s 2012 class had Michigan offers, IIRC).

Unless I’m forgetting somebody, that’s it. That is a remarkable number if you think about it…two Big Ten schools largely recruiting the same states (Michigan, Ohio and Indiana have factored in prominently for both programs over the entire time period), and we’ve got 3 guys choosing Michigan over close to two decades. “Dominance” doesn’t even begin to capture what that is. Now, some guys with offers from both schools have gone to a third school…but they’re not going to Michigan.

So, while at some point it will change, I’m not betting on that happening anytime soon. Always important to keep in mind the next time Barmack comes running breathlessly with the latest from Michigan “insiders” who suggest a guy with offers from both favors the Wolverines. Under current regimes, it’s just highly unlikely.