Mark Coyle, who held the same job at Syracuse for the last 10 months. He had previously been an associate AD at Minnesota in the early Oughts and is a native of Iowa, so it makes sense from those perspectives.

Now, this is important for a lot of reasons, but not least of which in the household of one Richard Pitino Jr. On top of the seemingly endless suspensions and arrests, combined with losses, came news today that Little Ricky FAR exceeded his travel budget, according to an audit of the program just concluded. He more than doubled the budget amount for private jet travel, though it was also noted that he had permission for doing so from his then AD.

My question is, might the disclosure of the audit be coincedence? Might be…or it might be setting the stage for the new guy to broom him. The timing would be positively awful, and as down as I am on Pitino in almost every conveivable way, even I wouldn’t advocate canning him now unless you were simply committed to letting an interim get you through this upcoming season, because you’re probably not going to have a lot of success in finding the right guy going at it now.

Here’s the other thing…Minnesota has been looking for a new AD since August. Coyle actually hired a new football coach this offseason in Dino Babers…his reaction upon being told about the departure today was “Are you serious? No comment.” He’d had his phone off during an ACC coaches’ meeting. I wouldn’t blame him for feeling blindsided. Now why did it take Minnesota this long? I cannot even begin to imagine the reaction of people at MSU if they’d taken more than 9 months to make a hire like that…people would be losing their minds.