Now, they’ve got to close it out and against San Antonio, that won’t be easy. Still, you have to like their chances, going home, up 3-2 and seemingly full of confidence after pulling this one off.

OKC is deserving of their series lead for sure, but I still don’t think they can push Golden State the way San Antonio could. Either team offers a really interesting matchup though, with OKC getting a lot out of the Kanter/Adams combo and SA with Aldridge and Duncan. Will OKC be willing to roll the dice with that combo against the Warriors for a lot of minutes, though?

Now the eternal question with Russ…is he doomed to frustrate people? I feel for him in a sense, because he really can’t win. If he takes over and lets his natural, aggressive self out fully, people talk about him not being a “real” point guard, not getting the best out of teammates, etc. If he focuses on getting others going, the way he did early in this game, then he gets criticized for not doing enough.

He is perhaps THE most exciting player in the NBA to watch play IMO, but it’s precisely the reason why he’s the most exciting (the 100 MPH thing) that he can frustrate the hell out of people.