There are a couple of decent games, one interesting one and a lot of not much else.

Nova travels to Purdue. That could be OK…kinda depends upon whether Swanigan and Vince Edwards come back to school for the Boilers.

Wisconsin at Creighton could be alright. The Badgers are probably the Big Ten favorite if Nigel Hayes returns and Creighton figures to be improved.

Maryland v. Georgetown is the interesting one, simply because of the history (or non-history, as the two refused to play each other for so many years). I expect Maryland will be down, perhaps way down depending upon NBA decisions, but this one will actually have some heat behind it due to the fanbases and proximity to each other.

Then you’ve got Northwestern v. Butler, Seton Hall at Iowa, Providence vs. OSU, Rutgers vs. DePaul (I set the over/under line for ticket price to that game at “free” Under would be they pay you to come watch it.) and St. John’s at Minnesota.

This is a bad event so far. I understand certain things make it difficult. For example, MSU’s participation in the Champion’s Classic creates a disincentive for their involvement. However, there are obvious matchups they could lean on in order to establish this thing, to get people to care about it in its early years. Xavier vs. OSU? Maybe PSU vs. Villanova? Butler vs. either IU or Purdue (I know they also play in that thing in Indy with Notre Dame but play the one you’re not facing in this thing). DePaul vs. Illinois? I know some matchups already happen for these teams (Nebraska v. Creighton, Wisconsin v. Marquette, Seton Hall v. Rutgers) but they’ve got to do something if they want anyone to care about this event. The Big East was a very good basketball conference last year and that shouldn’t change all that much over time, as most of those programs have enough history and cache to remain competitive. This *could* be a B minus version of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge if they get it right…but so far, so bad IMO.