Approximately half going to Fox…for 2.5 times per year what the prior deal with ESPN was worth.

The other half will still be out for bid.

Looks like talk about the Big Ten going the NFL route, with multiple network partners, is coming to pass.

According to SBD, this will include around 25 football games and 50 basketball games that it will carry on both the broadcast channel and FS1 starting in the fall of ’17. The deal runs six years and could cost Fox as much as $250M per year, depending on the amount of rights the Big Ten conference puts in its second package.

No idea what happens with the relatively paltry ($12 mil/year) basketball only deal with CBS. I’d actually hope they keep that in place because I like the job CBS does with those games. Anything’s possible, though….ESPN, NBC, CBS and Turner all reportedly in on discussions for the other half. If Delaney gets something similar for that portion, he’ll have multipled out the value of the last deal by 4 or 5 times per year. Only downside is that one was for 10 years while this is locked in only for 6 but still…it’s a massive success. Delivers a clear message to the SEC and everybody else that you are all playing for second place when it comes to the almighty dollar.