Rough from an MSU perspective, obviously. We’ll see what they do. Would assume they’ll bring in a 5th year guy and I’d suggest that it’s possible that list expands from here in terms of who is available. No DDs out there though regardless.

My assumption is that the feedback they got makes it clear his odds of being a Lottery pick are very strong. From the little bit I know, he has some good people around him, so I’m not going to default to anything other than assuming the feedback was strong and that the financial implications were too positive to pass up. Maybe it went another way but I assume that was not the case

One tiny sliver of a silver lining here…the old stuff used against MSU about holding kids back, etc is now officially dead. Probably won’t make many here feel much better but if you are a proponent of going after the best talent, there is a positive side to this.