Man, they have to be flat out desperate. The reason he’d be looking to move is he knows he’s on the ropes in Memphis…one more middling or worse season and I think it’s safe to assume he’d get run.

Supposedly Tech made a serious run at Butler’s coach but he rebuffed them…which says something about Butler but more about Georgia Tech in 2016, I think.

Hiring Pastner will end in tears, and that’s about as close to a lock as you’re going to get. Terrible, terrible coach IMO.

According to Gary Parrish of CBS, the hold up is that Pastner has to negotiate his buyout with Memphis…trying to whittle them down. Believe it or not, according to Parrish it stands at $10.6 million which would be the highest in college basketball history if it were paid out at that level. There’s no way Tech is going to pay anything close to that.

Thing is, I think Memphis would be smart to softball that number. They can upgrade pretty easily IMO. That is a good job…talent rich area, rabid fanbase, tradition and a winnable conference.