Branden Hunter, a young guy based in Detroit who wouldn’t be my top source on much but who seems to be a hard worker and definitely talks to people down there, tweeted that he has heard Michigan is hiring NOT Cornell Mann but rather Jermaine Jackson Sr.

If so…WOW. That would be a shocker. Kind of hard for me to believe because he’s only got one year of D1 experience (was an assistant at his alma mater UD this year and in fact has been mentioned as a candidate for the head coaching job there) and more importantly he just doesn’t seem like Beilein’s kind of guy. He had some trouble when he was coaching Mt.Clemens…recruiting players, pissing people off, supposedly inflating his son’s scoring average for post season award purposes (not that Jr. needs the help…he’s pretty good on his own). None of that adds up to an obvious hire for Beilein but who knows? Supposedly he’s had a Damascus moment that his recruiting needs to change, or so he’s said recently.

Frankly, I’d rather they have Jackson than Mann. I don’t really worry about ANY assistant at Michigan under Beilein because I know he won’t play the bagman game and if it’s clean, I need to see them beat Izzo head to head on anybody before I lose any sleep. However, Mann is a proven commodity at this level and a guy I would think MSU would at least consider if they had an open spot…so he’s a better bet to be a solid contributor to a staff even beyond recruiting.