Interesting choice. Seems as if Vegas tried and failed for some bigger names.

Beard did a fantastic job at Little Rock this year…30-5, won regular season and conference tournament in the Sun Belt and beat Purdue in a first round NCAA game. That was his first and only year as a D1 head coach.

Now, he does have other D1 experience. He was associate head coach at Texas Tech under Bob Knight…lasted 10 years at TT.

I don’t mind the choice really. He’s in his early 40s, so young enough to bring energy to the job and be around for awhile. He’s shown he can dig a program out of a hole quickly. He’s coached under at least one basketball genius. So there are pluses. I tend to think enthusiasm from the home crowd is going to be a bit muted until he proves he can win. I think they expected a bigger name but we’re seeing a number of schools end up disappointed on that front.

Assuming he’s not going to be paid a fortune, I like a low 7 figures deal for Beard more than I would have 3 million plus for Mick Cronin. We’ll see how it plays out.