Goodman reports that new Pitt administration was “fine” with Dixon leaving.

Seems as if there was fatigue on both sides. My first thought would be “careful what you wish for.”

Unless Sean Miller has a war going on at Arizona that hasn’t been made public, I just can’t see his leaving for Pitt, even if it is home and his alma mater.

Archie Miller’s name is getting tossed around. That would surprise me too, if only because I believe patience will present a better move up for him than Pitt would represent. I think if he’s calm about this, he could find himself in a near elite Power 5 job (so not a KU or UK but an Illinois…Texas..a place like that with some real pluses but not quite the pedigree of the upper tier gigs) soon enough. 

Watching this one will be very interesting.

After looking at a list of names associated with the Pitt opening as candidates, my guess would be Kevin Willard. He’s a Pitt alum and is a hot name based on what Seton Hall did this year, so I suspect Pitt folks would be decently enthusiastic about that hire once they come to grips with the idea that Sean Miller isn’t coming.

For Willard, it would be a half step up. You’re essentially able to recruit the same territory in those two jobs, and the ACC trumps the Big East in this case. I think he’d have to strongly consider making that move.

Other names I’ve seen…

Andy Enfield – He’s a Pennsylvania native, so there’s that. I just can’t see it, though. He’s finally starting to get USC going. Unless he’s got a real desire to go home, tough to imagine this happening.

Brad Underwood – Great, great job at Stephen F. Austin. No East Coast background and I suspect regional jobs will be of more interest to him and he won’t be at Pitt (I mentioned Oklahoma State and that makes all kinds of sense on the surface).

Ben Jacobson – Again, no East Coast background but if you’re him, do you tire of waiting on a Big Ten or Big XII job which never seems to come open for him? I suspect Pitt fans wouldn’t be thrilled by his style…too close to what Dixon had done for many years, though his teams opened it up of late (ironically right about when performance started to tick down a bit).

Kevin Keatts – UNC Wilmington coach coming off a great year and semi near miss against Duke last weekend. Former Pitino assistant at Louisville. He’d have energy and youth on his side.

Eran Ganot – Hawaii head coach. Came out of St. Mary’s as an assistant and took Hawaii to the Tournament in his first year there, beating Cal. He’s from New Jersey and Hawaii is going on probation next year and will be ineligible for the Tournament (not due to his actions), so maybe he’d figure this is a good time to move. Hawaii is a really tough place to win consistently.

Jerod Haase – UAB coach and former assistant to Ol’Roy (played for him as well). Though he didn’t make the field this year he’s done a nice job at Birmingham and seems ready for a step up in class. No obvious connection to a job like Pitt, though.