– Despite the insane shooting performance Maryland had tonight, the standard is the same against them IMO…you want to make them shoot jumpers. If they’re getting a lot of stuff going to the rim and/or via the post, that’s where you can run into trouble. I will take my chances with a Maryland team living and dying with the jumper.

– Tonight was an “easy” win for Maryland in the sense that Nebraska just doesn’t check well enough to make much difficult on an offense. It’s been a problem for that team all year long and it was again tonight. MSU will present a very, very different challenge for the Terps. Conversely, while OSU is a flawed team, they are vastly superior to Nebraska on the defensive end. You actually need to run real offense against them. So, on that one front, I like MSU’s prep for tomorrow’s game better than what Maryland had.

– I’ve felt all year that Layman is the bellweather for that team. Tonight he was on fire from deep. Again, I’ll live with him shooting 3s if that’s what it comes to, because what makes that guy really tough is his ability to post people up, take the ball to the rim, etc. When he settles into being a perimeter guy more exclusively, you can deal with him unless he’s just on fire and if he is, that’s the way it goes. I would expect to see Denzel on him early.

– Another key for MSU will once again be dealing with Trimble. Looks to me like he may finally be getting healthy again. Eron Harris and the bigs will be the main (though not only) guys dealing with him. Keep him out of the lane and live with him shooting 3s…I know I keep saying the same thing over and over but I really do think it comes down to that. If he’s getting into the middle of the lane, that spells trouble for MSU. Make him shoot his way into an impact game.