Michigan vs. Purdue – It’s funny…the way I look at it, Michigan locked up a bid with their win today over IU but there’s enough out there from credible sources suggesting that might not be the case to at least allow for the possibility that it might not be 100% done.

This is going to be tough for Michigan. Yeah, they beat Purdue at Crisler but this will be a 3rd straight day of play, in what will be essentially a home environment for Purdue, and against a team which has the capability to kill Michigan where they’re weakest, in the paint.

Goes without saying, Michigan needs to be hitting from deep to have a shot. I don’t like their chances of bottling up the Boiler big men this time around. I think the matchup issues plus 3rd game in 3 days against a team with a little more rest gives Purdue enough to win.