It’s clear that they have worked on it, but they are still on dial-a-clue too often vs basic ball screen plays.

They have four problems with it in the last five minutes:

1. The Bielfeldt travel. UM turned it over but on the play when Bielfeldt was so surprised that he was so wide open that he traveled at the rim, it was due to Hartman and Bryant BOTH covering the ball on a ball screen.

2. There was a weave handoff in which OG committed a reach-in foul (or “reach around” as Dakich called it). Indiana was sloppy with attempted switch rotations vs those handoffs.

3. Bryant fouled Walton on a drive (that was after a 1/5 switch). During a time out, Indiana clearly decided to switch on all ball screens. This resulted in Bryant, a center, guarding a point guard, Walton – which is precisely what you’re trying to avoid in most situations for most of a game. Sometimes you’ll see teams (like MSU) switch everything on the last possession of a game. But this was a desperate attempt by IU for some sort of change-up success. It failed.

4. On Duncan Robinson’s 3-pointer that tied the game, OG over-helped to the inside for Yogi vs a Zak Irvin drive. This wasn’t a ball screen situation, but Indiana had become overly aware of trying to help on the weakside that they over-helped in this situation. First of all, Yogi shouldn’t need help vs a driving Zak Irvin. And he definitely shouldn’t need THAT much help from a sagging wing. And a sagging wing shouldn’t help THAT much when guarding Robinson when up 3 late in a game.
Bad, bad, bad. This team is not playing Final Four defense.