Beating a Florida State team which is very young and playing with the usual kind of poise one comes to expect from a Leonard Hamilton coached team (read: none). Still, this has been a nice season for the Hokies. 10-8 in the ACC regular season and a win tonight. They’re not going to the big tournament unless they win this one, almost certainly, but it’s major progress for a basketball afterthought.

Buzz Williams is an outlaw but the man can coach…there wasn’t ever much doubt of that. Pretty impressive to see how fast he’s gotten them to be competitive and then some in the ACC. They had wins over UVa and Miami. That guy is a name to keep an eye on for certain kinds of big jobs. He bolted Marquette supposedly over conflict with the administration and he’s rough around the edges in some ways, but he can win. I can’t imagine Blacksburg is where his career stops…seems to me he’ll be moving on again, likely sometime soon. It would take a place which is comfortable with working the edges and crossing them at times, but there are lots of those types of jobs out there. I don’t know that he’ll ever be up for a true blue blood gig but maybe the next level down…an LSU type situation where they want to win, offer more than VaTech does and yet they’re completely comfortable with a cheater.