I think he’s one of the handful of best coaches at any level of the game in history…probably Top 10 good as a pure coach, IMO. His track record of success in turning around tough situations and then finally winning an NBA title with Detroit when he actually had the horses to do so is remarkable and very consistent up until his two most recent NBA stops (which were both major league trainwrecks…I don’t put much of NY or Charlotte on him). However, he should never be allowed to coach in college again.

He just doesn’t see it as morally wrong, IMO. He sees kids being “helped” by virtue of spending any time on a college campus, regardless of whether they cheated to get in and eligible, were paid to come, etc., and so his history tells us he’s going to keep doing this stuff, because he’s done it at every college stop he’s had. I might be wrong about this…I don’t know him and would be guessing at motivations…but I honestly don’t think he believes he’s exploiting anyone in doing this kind of thing. Either way, though, he shouldn’t be at an NCAA institution. He’s a pro coach and that’s where he belongs.