– What can you say about Bryn? I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of great, great shooters at Michigan State but this guy has gone to a level beyond anyone, at least in terms of an individual season. 11 3s in a game? My God.

– MSU got better enough in the second half defensively to put this one away in the first 5 minutes of the second half. You knew those open looks would start to fall and once MSU started to string stops together and especially when they could get out into transition, it was over.

– Liked Alvin Ellis and Marvin Clark tonight. MSU got good basketball from both at times, and at both ends of the floor.

– Whatever MSU’s shortcomings were tonight, I don’t think it was effort related…much more about defensive focus in the first half, giving up all those backdoor cuts, penetration, etc. The effort was fine, as evidenced in part by 23 offensive rebounds. MSU played plenty hard…they didn’t always play plenty sharp.

– You did see in that first half a glimpse of the kind of approach I think could pose problems for MSU in the Tournament…teams that go full kamikaze. If you get the wrong officiating crew, it could make for a tougher situation than we’d like to see. As an aside, it’s just awful, awful basketball and I think the rules changes which make it a palatable choice for certain teams aren’t accomplishing the objective. You want beautiful, fast, enjoyable offensive basketball? Look at a team like MSU. Don’t incentivize the kind of play Rutgers was resorting to, hurling guys at the rim. Terrible to watch.