First, his team came back in the second half last night and beat Joey King, Jordan Murphy (ex-VCU commit from Texas) and six managers from Minnesota. So he didn’t have to kill himself at center court.
Then he got a commitment from 6’4″ guard Da’Monte Williams. Williams is a top 75ish 2017 player who is considered to be an off the ball guy primarily. His father is former Illini great Frank WIlliams. Doesn’t strike me as the second coming of his father, who was a truly great player, but he’s well regarded.
Now, the key is, does he stick to that pledge when Groce gets fired? Considering he’s a legacy, I’d say there’s a better chance they can keep him committed for the next coach than a “normal” recruit.
Otherwise, he’s gone. They have to figure out how to get back into Chicago. Cuonzo Martin could be the answer there. He is not scared to get his hands dirty.

They wanted Shaka last time, but he knew he had to get dirty to get the job done there.

Going back to Henson and Self, they had great success there, but they had great bag men in Jimmy Collins and Billy Gillespie.
Tracy Webster would be that guy for Cuonzo. He’s originally from there and he knows the game and the streets of Chicago as well as anyone. He did his time with Gillespie if my memory serves correct on his Kentucky staff. I have no doubt he can get dirty.