– Nice to see one in hand and stay that way, enough to get the key guys a lot of rest. As much as anything, that’s maybe the best thing to come out of this game…everyone healthy, able to play enough to stay sharp but to get some rest heading into the home stretch.

– As I mentioned at the half, I feel in some ways for Pat Chambers. I think he’s turning the corner there and yet he knows his program just doesn’t garner the kind of respect they’ll eventually need in order to get necessary calls in big games. Mostly, you earn that over time through good play but there is gamesmanship from coaches involved as well. I didn’t think he had much of a case today in particular but I understand the frustration overall and I applaud him for refusing to back down.

– Izzo had been unhappy with MSU’s rebounding of late. MSU responded by almost doubling up PSU on the offensive glass and crushed them overall. Matt Costello set the tone but it was a team wide effort…I thought guys like DD, Marv, Zel and even Eron really went hard today. Nice to see.

– The offense is what it is…when things are humming, it is a thing of beauty to watch, and given that MSU really can score in every phase of the game, almost impossible to stop. That’s the difference between MSU and most other high efficiency offenses. Even the ones with a little post presence (say an IU or a Notre Dame) don’t do what MSU does down low. MSU can counter anything you do, any way you want to play the game.

– Thought today we saw nice, small steps forward for Marv and Tum. Marv hit a couple of shots early when the offense was struggling to convert good looks, and then I thought he rebounded and defended well throughout. I don’t know if you could say he’s just absolutely seizing a role by the throat but he’s improving steadily and I feel comfortable with him on the floor. I thought Tum pushed the ball and created looks via penetration better than at any time since he’s been back. He also played extended minutes as well, which is a positive.

– On a day where the attack was pretty balanced, I’d give the gameball to Matt Costello. His first half play set the tone and MSU never really let up from there. Matt got after it following up a kind of lackluster game from him in Columbus. That’s what you want from your seniors and MSU is getting it.