– First things first, great result for MSU and its Big Ten position. Not just that it keeps a share of the title in play but we also have Maryland, a team MSU owns the tie break over, getting its 5th loss.

– Purdue…man, oh man, does Painter have a problem with this team and pressure. They’re fortunate that you just don’t see many teams go that way for 40 minutes…if somehow Purdue ends up facing a WVa, bet the house against the Boilers because they’re not surviving it. They just lack instincts..it’s like watching the final 10 seconds of the MSU/Wisconsin game but over the breadth of an entire roster and for minutes at a time. How often did they take it right into the corner on the inbound? At least 4 or 5 times. Just crazy how bad they were.

– Maryland is what they have been all year…a team with a lot of pieces but with some important things missing at the heart of the matter. There’s no shame in losing a close one at Mackey, but at the very least today didn’t do anything to derail the narrative of Maryland being less than the sum of its individual parts. Trimble made a play here and there but he’s not the same guy…hurt, not hurt, whatever, he’s not the same player he was last season or earlier this year.