– Pretty much as expected. OSU just doesn’t have the kind of firepower you need to hang with Michigan State. A better offensive performance from our guys than I even could have imagined led to it being a 19 point spread instead of the 10-12 I anticipated.

– I don’t go too far with this, but Bryn Forbes really has become something of a collegiate version of Steph Curry. You saw it tonight…just abusing freshmen with his cuts and ability to read and use screens perfectly. Then it helps that he has a Day Day-esque guy in Zel to put the ball on the money when he makes those cuts and reads and it’s game-over.

– Though they’re young, as mentioned leading into the game, the one thing Ohio State does well is defend. MSU shot 54% overall and 64% from three on the game. That is called doing a job, folks. I’m not sure if OSU has given up that kind of shooting performance all year. What led to it most of all IMO is MSU used its experience to create looks for themselves…Zel and Bryn especially. OSU can physically create a lot of problems for opponents with their length but you saw MSU use their understanding, their heads, to render all that pretty much null and void. IMpressive thinking of the game, especially by the two Sexton Big Reds.

– One thing I didn’t love for MSU was the way we handled dribble penetration. Thought we were less effective there than we’ve been of late, which allowed OSU to shoot 21 FT and get good production at the rim, especially from JaQuan Lyle.

– On the OSU side, that is probably the best game I’ve ever seen Marc Loving play at the collegiate level. It looked a lot like the guy I thought he’d be when I first saw him playing 15U with Ohio Red. At that time, I wrote that I thought he’d be another Alan Henderson. Now, he stopped growing, so he’s only 6’7″ as opposed to the 6’9″ a guy like Henderson was, but the other thing that’s happened is he’s become almost exclusively a perimeter player. He’s a good shooter, so that’s OK, but what I saw tonight was a much more well rounded player. He was really effective posting up against a variety of MSU defenders and he was aggressive in doing so. He’d be best served to keep playing the way he did tonight for the remainder of his Buckeye career.

As I’ve said a few times, MSU’s not losing again in the regular season, folks. Put it in stone.