Fran doesn’t trust his bench guys and because of that, they’re playing less, his starters are playing more and you’re seeing it all show up in their poor shooting.

That’s not the only thing going on but I’ll buy that it’s a factor. All the starters except Uthoff played 30 or more minutes and he only played 23 due to foul trouble. Woodbury was exhausted by the end of that game. I think it’s also a collective thing…it’s a long season which is winding down and the fact that they haven’t really developed more than 2 guys off their bench may come back to bite them down the stretch.

Think about it this way…we’ve got one guy (obviously a huge key but one guy) who some worry about in terms of minutes…but he also had a couple weeks off as well. Iowa has four starters averaging 30 minutes or more per game in conference play and Woodbury is at 26.