Took a hit tonight, no question. Fatal? No, but damaging, IMO.

They’ve got 4 games left. The only one they’ll be favored in is at home against Northwestern. At Maryland and At Wisconsin look like very likely losses at the moment, and home against Iowa certainly can’t be one where you’re overly optimistic if you’re a Wolvie, either. So let’s assume that’s how it plays out…they’d be 10-8 in the league

According to RealTimeRPI, they’re sitting at 52 right now. Probably drop very slightly with this loss, and maybe a tiny bit more if they lose 3 of the remaining 4 (not much though, as Maryland and Iowa rate highly and Wisconsin has now moved into the Top 50). So figure they probably end up somewhere in the mid-high 50s.

Man, to me, that’s not a slam dunk. I’ve been of the opinion they’d done enough but with this loss (a game I thought they’d win) and looking at the overall picture, I don’t know about that. The Purdue, Maryland and Texas wins are helpful. Are they enough?

I guess where I’d end up is that I’d think they probably win the coin flip but I’d feel a lot better with at least one BTT victory on top of the regular season. If they were to lose all the remaining games, all bets are off. That’s unlikely, but far from impossible. I could see Northwestern rising up over 40 minutes and pulling off an upset.