– If you believe in the oft-repeated Bryn Forbes Theory, MSU is going to win this one, right?

– I understand the desire to take open looks from deep, but man…IU really struggles to guard in the paint. MSU hasn’t even scratched the surface of what they can do in the paint. Want to see much, much more of that in the second half and then I think it’s game-over.

– MSU’s transition defense hasn’t been championship level. IU is definitely a team where the 1 second vacation costs you. It’s not that they’re beating MSU to the rim, but what they really want to do is (like MSU) get open 3 looks and though they’re usually back, MSU is not always sufficiently engaged with their shooters.

– Bielfeldt with the half of his life. I’m not betting on his repeating that effort.

– Defensive rebounding a MAJOR negative for MSU in that half. Gave up 8 offensive boards to IU. Can’t have that going forward.