– Ferocious comeback. Results be damned, the way MSU played in terms of effort, execution at both ends, etc. in the second half was tremendous. That was a classic Big Ten game.

– I think if I had to point to an area where I thought MSU lost it in the end, it was the last 4-5 minutes of regulation. I posted when we had the lead with under 8 to go, “do they have enough left to close it out?” You see it all the time, a team coming back from a big deficit and then running out of gas in the end. I think MSU wasn’t moving as well as they had been on offense and that led to stagnation and a lot of bad/tough shots. Just needed a little bit more than they had to give at that point. Can’t recall what the final number was but I don’t think MSU scored any field goals over that stretch. I think some of that was attributable to how much effort they had to expend in getting back in the game.

– The last call on Denzel was legit. Hate to see it in that circumstance but yeah, I guess you have to make it. Think it was Tirico who said that Davis bought himself that by virtue of his first half shooting and there might be something to that, that Denzel had that in the back of his mind and tried to go over the top instead of underneath the pick.

– Lots of good basketball from a lot of people in Green in this one. Alvin Ellis had a hugely important stint in the second half comeback. Remember when people were anxious to send him packing out of town? Yeah, me neither :)Gavin Schilling didn’t do a lot in terms of statistical contributions but he played pretty good post defense and battled physically very well. Kenny Goins continued to step up and play major minutes.

– I thought DD sort of had a learning experience tonight. Purdue was always going to be the toughest test he’d face all season and it proved out to be exactly that. I don’t think he was intimidated or anything like that, but he found out what it’s like to go up against a guy with as much length as he’s got (Hammons) or big time bulk (Swanigan). He still got some things done, don’t get me wrong, but I think this is one he can draw some lessons from and see some ways in which he can get better.

– Matt McQuaid continues to impress. Absent a couple of poor defensive sequences in the first half, I thought he was great. He’s looking to penetrate more and more frequently as the year is progressing and that’s making him an ever more dangerous player. He’s just scratching the surface of what he can be…depending upon how MSU’s roster shakes out and a bunch of things we can’t know at this point, I can see him maturing into an All Big Ten type player as an upper classman. He has all the tools necessary to do that kind of thing.

– Last one’s most important…MSU isn’t losing another regular season game this year. Book it.