– Tremendous focus by MSU at both ends. Just great, great stuff to see a team locked in the way they were. Pretty much all the things I talked about defensively were handled extremely well. MSU’s defense on all of M’s pick and roll stuff was high level, they never lost touch with M’s shooters and dribble containment overall was very well done. Offensively, great passing and shooting in the first half and then some really nice work in the post in the second.

– Hard to single guys out but I think this was clearly a day for the three seniors. Bryn has entered rarified air in all time MSU history as a deep shooter. When he fires, you expect it to go, point blank. He’s on fire lately but really the whole season absent a couple of games when Zel first came back, he’s been outstanding. He’s closing in on 50% from deep for the season…that’s ridiculous. Zel was Zel…never felt like a dominant performance from him and yet you look up and see 21, 9 and 9. He was also REALLY good defensively on Robinson. Just eliminated that kid from the game. Matt struggled to finish plays in the first half but was really the key to the knock out blow in the second with what he did in the post…14 and 8 representing another solid day’s work.

– You might not have realized (I know I didn’t) but MSU had 19 turnovers in that game. 9 times out of 10, that kind of number is going to mean you got beat but today, in every other respect, MSU was so great that it just didn’t factor in. Obviously, that’s the one thing you’d expect Izzo to harp on with his team and he will. At times, MSU was just too casual.

– Great defense in particular on the two guys who have the ability to get M rolling, Walton and Irvin. Walton had 11 points on 3-10 and had just 2 assists. The last part is the more significant number IMO, as he was never able to force MSU’s defense to collapse on him via penetration. Someone asked what it is that Eron Harris is bringing…well, today he was a big part of keeping Walton under control. I thought McQuaid did an outstanding job there as well when he was in the game. Irvin had 19 points on 8-16 from the floor but a lot of that came when the game was essentially over. When it mattered, MSU did a nice job of containing him. DD and Kenny Goins weren’t perfect but by and large, they stopped him from getting to the basket off penetration until the game was way out of reach.