I’m going back to the mid/late 70s, so anyone with nominations before that, have at it.

5. Maurice Taylor – The living, breathing symbol of all that was horribly wrong in that program during that era. Entitlement. Wasted potential. Unearned arrogance. Mo Taylor had it all going in spades. His numbers in three years at Michigan were solid but about as hollow as it gets, because the team never came close to meeting its potential during his time there and he was considered to be a big part of the reason why.

On the flipside, it was his SUV which was involved in the infamous rollover accident which led to the eventual downfall of the Steve Fisher era. Of course Mateen Cleaves was also injured in that accident and never the same player physically, so there’s that as well.

4. Zack Novak – I’ll freely admit that he was the type of kid I would have loved if he were wearing Green and White (though honestly, he wasn’t good enough to play at MSU, so scratch that thought). The virtual embodiment of “white guy opponents love to hate,” Novak was an undersized punk who always looked to be on the verge of tears. The fact that he was actually part of some wins over MSU teams galls me to this day.

3. Rumeal Robinson – Partially earned during his playing career and partially afterward, but even during his time in A2 he was a dipsh*t. I recall him being very, very dismissive of the 1990 Big Ten championship MSU team before the Spartans finally beat his bunch at Breslin that year. Again, that Michigan arrogance thing shining through. Extra bonus points for the fraudulent real estate business he ran, for which he went to prison, and during which he swindled his adoptive mother out of her home. There’s a Michigan Man for you!

2. Jalen Rose – I’ve come around a bit on Jalen since his Michigan days. I actually find him to be a decent commentator on all things NBA and his efforts in Detroit educational projects are worth some credit. As a player in A2 though, he was beyond contempt. The a**-wipe move at center court at the Bres, the general punkery during his three years there…hateable beyond words.

1. Antoine Joubert – The Judge will ALWAYS be #1 for me. He has all the elements…overhyped ability. Arrogance beyond all reason. Lack of respect for his betters (i.e. Michigan State). A look which can best be described as XXXL Prince. When I think about all the things I’ve disliked about that program over the years, his face comes to mind first, always and forever.