– Matt Costello. We’ve seen a lot of great effort games here over the years. This might not be the best but I don’t know that it’s been topped by anyone when you add it all up…coming off an ankle injury, facing a very good and very big Maryland frontcourt, us on a 3 game losing streak…just a man’s game at both ends.

He’s having a hell of a senior year. I’ll take a hit…even as recently as December, I thought the Matt we had was the guy he’s be the rest of the way. He’s gone up a level.

– defensive effort was really, really good. Maryland is a team which gets a lot done off the dribble…not much tonight. They weren’t perfect but the perimeter guys as a group did a fine job. Trimble had himself a great scoring game but he had to hit jumpers to do it. That’s what you want, because he’s not drawing fouls and he’s not creating much for others

Somehow, MSU did all that without playing a single possession of zone that I saw, against the team best able to penetrate in the conference. Maybe I missed something? Thought we were limited athletically…that this was about scheme and not execution? I must be missing something…

– before he hurt his ankle, Zel was playing his best game since coming back. Huge part of the win with a total game from him.

– Bryn looked confident and aggressive again. Makes a huge difference when he’s hitting open looks obviously.

– nice lower key defensive outings from Goins and Ellis. MSU needed that help and tonight they got it.