Rutgers fits as a great public school. Their average SAT is above IU Bloomington, and their ranking is practically the same as a national undergraduate school. Like IU, graduate programs are spotty from department to department. They fit academically.

Now, Rutgers has a love/hate relationship with athletics. Although they hosted the first college football match, in more recent times they are famous for rejecting big time athletics (see famous Rutgers, and Columbia Econ, graduate Milton Friedman). Even more recently, they have decided to become a football school, much to the chagrin of Mark Killingsworth, another questioning economist, and many of the faculty. But, they have used non-athletic department funds to fund their enterprise (they have a nice stadium). They have the largest “subsidy” from the academic side of any modern university.

Facilities are sparse. They have no basketball practice facility. And they have had problems with coaching. Their current coach, Eddie Jordan, is a very good coach, imho; but, he is resurrecting a mess. Mr. Jordan played on the 31-1 team that lost to Michigan in the Final Four. He needs time and facilities.

Rutgers does not receive significant Big Ten money for five years from entry. They are “paying” by being the whipping boy in the B1G for now. The problem was not the school, but an unprepared and unsupported athletic department.

I believe all B1G schools athletic departments should be prohibited from taking any academic subsidies.