Out of town…watched it on a phone. Some quick thoughts without full post game per usual.

– ultimately not a big deal. I thought we’d respond better but this always set up as a tough one. In the greater scheme of things, not particularly worried about the result.

– I thought Iz didn’t have his greatest night in terms of playing groups, rotations etc Not sure why DD played so sparingly, because he made plays every second he was out there and I don’t think Iowa is great against size like his. Wings were screwy to some extent because of fouls but I still didn’t love the constant shuffle of bodies

– for as much as we struggled at times offensively, I thought we were unusually shaky on D. That was across the board in all phases.

– credit to Iowa. They played like a desperate team and they got a result. I’m making an early call on that return game at Breslin in a couple of weeks though…MSU and it won’t be close