I would like the program to be aspirational. I would like the program to be founded in and representative of ideals similar to and consistent with the ideals of the University.

I would like to see growth and maturity of players and teams achieved by discipline and meaningful effort (developing into the best vs buying the best). I would like to see teams that are greater than the sum of their parts (not less).

I would like the cultural brand to be clear and consistent. I would like it to be something you want your children to be amazed by as opposed to something that requires awkward discussions regarding cautionary tales of dysfunctional public behavior and its consequences.

I would prefer that it have an emphasis on regional recruiting and to have players that stay around long enough to graduate and have a personal relationship with the University. I would like to win by superior effort, game planning, and execution as opposed to simple athletic superiority.

And then, with all that in place, I want to win. Lots. And consistently. I have no interest in Kentucky despite its winning record. I respect what MSU and Wisky accomplished. I get that reality can fall short of the ideal, but I would prefer that there be at least a hint of the ideal present at some level.