From the announcers (Bilas in particular) regarding their discussion with Bennett and Wright.

The coaches, due to early tourney losses and failed end of season peaking, have moved to much more competitive preseason scheduling to gain better insight into their team performance with time to adjust. In addition the gains from seating calculations.

Both coaches philosophically emphasize defense as a means of limiting opposition scoring opportunities as a primary tactic (as opposed to a primary focus on offensive volume). In that regard, Bennett apparently only sends 2 players to offensively rebound while retreating 3 to ensure adequate defensive pressure on every possession. In addition, (in a similar emphasis shared by Izzo) they particularly focus on preventing turnovers that lead to live action possessions as opposed to dead ball possessions which allow the defense to get set. They believe that most teams get more points off turnovers and rapid scores off rebounds with poorly set defense than gained by the increased points from offensive rebounding.

Thought both concepts were interesting and relevant.