MSU’s Valentine Next In Line Of Spartan Leaders

Unfortunately, IU has little of that at any level. Ambiguity of control at the top with McRobbie and Glass stepping in with comments about the team’s behavior and the theoretical standards by which it is managed which appear to be capriciously applied. Lack of cultural connectivity to former players (why exactly did Calbert disappear?). Player character selection and manner of redress that creates ambiguity as to the intended culture or brand. High level of turnover due to behavioral issues and, just as importantly, due to unbalanced classes with resultant mismatched expectations for playing time and resultant poor team performance.

IU is a mess right now with no clear brand. There is a lack of maturity and cultural integrity at all levels. There is no cultural core at IU of the type described in that article. I favor a change largely for that reason. The odd collection of attempted “one and done”s combined with the frustration of role players and “Creaned” role players will, by my estimation, prevent that type of ingrained culture from ever occurring. Intermittent “good seasons” will only perpetuate the dysfunction.